Identity and access management are critical to growing your IoT service. They are the interface between your device and your users.  According to Forbes massive number of IoT devices are hackable due to the vulnerabilities exploited by botnets like reaper and mirai. 

At LYNCERT, we provide you with the services to help provision your IoT devices. Offline and Online MQTT brokers and client side verification  guards protect your IoT network. Domain-based issuer verification and Blockchain-based identity control takes your IoT network security to another level. 

  • We manage the identity lifecycle for you. Our services can be tuned during the overall lifetime of your devices.
  • Device registration is easy with the guard verifiers controlling all the incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • We provide all the utilities for authorization management. Easily establish guidelines for authenticating and authorizing connected IoT devices.
  • Define your own rules for access control to IoT devices. Powered by blockchain, we strengthen implementation of your company policies.
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